Best Biodegradable/Eco Pet Casket


When it comes time to giving your pet a memorial/burial for their passing, you may want to consider eco options.

Some people choose to go with with a natural burial without a casket, but there are bio casket options out there to consider.

These caskets are actually pods that break down over a multi year period.

Let’s take a look at the options!


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Best Biodegradable/Eco Pet Casket

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing the best bio pet pods here:


Best Biodegradable/Eco Pet Caskets: Reviews

Paw Pods Biodegradable Pet Burial Pod

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Constructed of durable, fully biodegradable, and natural materials – bamboo fiber and rice husk

Each Paw Pod includes a sympathy card and seeded leaf designed for planting with the pod

Degrades after 3-5 years

MEDIUM – Exterior dimension are 18” L x 12.5” W x 8” H, and Interior dimensions are 16″ x 12″ x 6″

LARGE -Exterior dimension are 26” x 18” x 10”, and Interior dimensions are 22″ x 13″ 8″



Best Biodegradable/Eco Pet Caskets: Buyer’s Guide

Do I Have To Bury My Pet With A Casket Or Coffin?

Some people choose not use a coffin/casket.

Cremation is one option that some owners prefer. When going with a burial, some owners choose to wrap their pet in a blanket or biodegradable bag, or simply bury their body without any cover and let it naturally decompose in the soil.


How To Bury a Pet?

Most people choose to bury their pet in their yard, but a pet cemetery is also an option.

When burying a pet, you can get the advice of your vet on how to handle and lay to rest the body while maintaining hygiene and safety.

You’ll want to dig down far enough so that the body can’t be dug up by other animals or so that weathering of the top layers of soil won’t expose the body.

When digging in your yard, be very careful not to dig where there are power/service lines.

A nice touch once you’ve buried your pet can be to put a small memorial stone above the soil with a photo of your dog and something engraved on the stone. You can check out some affordable memorial stones in this guide.


Best Overall Pet Caskets

Read more about the top overall pet caskets in this guide.



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