Environmentally Friendly Beco Dog Bed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


There’s a number of dog beds on the market with eco friendly features and traits.

Beco is one of the brands that offers a dog bed with sustainable features.

Specifically we’ve reviewed the Beco Donut Bed and Beco Mattress Bed.

We’ve taken a look at the Beco dog beds’ best features, potential drawbacks, and in case you want other dog bed options, alternative dog beds you can look at.

Let’s dive into it!


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Environmentally Friendly Beco Dog Bed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you want to skip straight to checking out the Beco donut dog bed, you can do so here:


Beco Dog Bed Review

Beco Donut Dog Bed

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A donut shaped dog bed that is a good bed for dogs that like to curl up

It has a crown design with a main pillow base, and 4 pillow walls on the corners for extra cushioning

The bed is machine washable

External fabric is made from cotton and hemp

The bed interior is stuffed with recycled plastic bottles

Available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large

Large measures 20.86 inches wide x 27.55 inches long


Some environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are used



Not a bed for chewers

Not a bed with orthopedic memory foam




Beco Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

Who Are Beco?

Beco are a pet product company that make a range of pet products, which happens to include dog beds.

They specifically pride themselves on being environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical with the way they manufacture their products.


Who Might Beco Dog Beds Be For?

People looking for donut style or mattress style dog beds

People looking for eco friendly dog beds

People looking for dog beds that are made for small to large dog breeds


Who Might Beco Dog Beds Not Be For?

As of December 2017, Beco only offer the donut shaped/style bed and a mattress style bed, so anyone looking for a dog bed other than a donut or flat mattress bed might look elsewhere

People looking for orthopedic memory foam dog beds

People looking for bolster type dog beds or outdoor dog beds

People looking for chew resistant dog beds for destructive dogs


What Are Some Other Dog Bed Options Other Than The Beco Dog Beds?

You can read about some of the top rated dog beds in the market in this guide.


Beco Dog Bed Replacement Covers

At this stage, we did not see Beco offering replacement bed covers for their dog beds.


Beco Dog Bed Discounts, Clearances, Deals & Sales

Around certain times of the year such as July, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course Xmas and New Years, you might find that Amazon and Beco offer specials, discounts, clearances and deals for existing stock.

However, this is not guaranteed – it’s up to Beco and Amazon.


Beco Dog Bed Coupons

You might coupons through certain promotions, but check with Beco to validate that it’s an official promotion and the coupons are legitimate.


Can You Get Beco Dog Beds In the UK, Canada and Australia?

If you order through Amazon, they usually ship to Australia, Canada and the UK.

If you go directly through Beco, check with them before buying.



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