Autoslide Pet Door Reviews: Automatic Pet Doors For Sliding Doors


You’ll find this Autoslide Pet Door Reviews Guide useful if you’re after an automatic pet door for your house.

There’s 3 types of Autoslide Pet Doors – the Motion Sensor model, the Smart Tag model, and the Pet Doormat model.

Each has it’s own way of functioning, but each are intended to open and close an existing sliding door in your house by itself with it’s motor.

In this review we go over the main features, pros, cons and who the door may and may not be for.

Let’s check it out in greater detail!


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Autoslide Pet Door Reviews: Automatic/Electronic Pet Door For Sliding Doors

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Autoslide Pet Door: Review

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The Autoslide Pet Doors are electronic pet doors designed for a free running patio door, internal door, and pocket doors – they open and close them automatically for your pet

They consist of a motor device, electronic controller, and low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminium slim line housing.

They are triggered either by motion sensors (wireless or hardwired), smart ID tags worn by your pet on their collar, or by a doormat connected to the Pet Door that triggers the door when your pet stands on it

Once the Pet Door is installed, humans can open the door with a supplied wireless push button remote or with a gentle pull of the door

The door will automatically close after a pre programmed amount of time

You can set/program the opening width of the door

Motion sensors sense any movement and open the door. They can be switched off at any time. One sensor is mounted on the inside of the door and one on the outside

The ID tag model uses RFID pet collar ID tags and is a much more secure option that the motion sensors as only a pet wearing the ID tag can trigger the door. The ID tags have a range adjustable from 3 to 10 feet

The Doormat model comes with doormat with double sided tape – you can secure it under a doormat or on the wall for your dog to stand on or press



The doors are very expensive, and for the price there seems to be better and more reliable electronic and automatic pet doors out there

They have a limited application – which is to sliding doors only. Whereas other automatic pet doors can be installed into walls and doors

The door can be very hard to set up and get functioning properly by yourself. Getting a professional or dealer to install seems like the best option for installation

The motion sensor models don’t seem to work so reliably or accurately, especially if you have wireless motion sensors and not the hard wired motion sensors

The doormat is made of a plastic and doesn’t feel very durable



Overall, the doors can work for some people with sliding doors if the door gets set up/installed properly, and the sensor system works reliably.

However, that’s a big IF for the money you pay for it.

The pet ID tag model is really the only model we would consider due to durability and security concerns with the other two models.

If you are looking for an automatic pet door, it may be worth looking at other options for regular exterior house doors like the High Tech Power Pet Door, or SureFlap Microchip Pet Door 


Autoslide Pet Door: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Autoslide Pet Door Designed For?

For opening and closing sliding type doors automatically when you or your pets trigger it.


Who Might The Autoslide Pet Door Be For?

People who want an automatic open and close sliding door pet door system for a sliding door they have in their house

People with a big budget


Who Might The Autoslide Pet Door NOT Be For?

People on a budget

People who want an electronic door for a regular household door or wall


How Do You Install This Dog Door?

There’s no substitute for following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing their Pet Door product which should come with the door, or should be found on their website. They may also have YouTube videos to help you.

The Autoslide pet door requires a bit of specialised installation because of the way it works with a sliding door.


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