Miniature German Shepherds: FAQ Guide

Miniature German Shepherds

  Miniature German Shepherds are like Unicorns and Santa, they don’t actually exist! Well, at least not technically.  In this guide, we look over some general information and FAQs about Miniature German Shepherds. We discuss dwarfism, Mini GSD Mix breeds, and more. Let’s take a look!   (NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and … Read more

My German Shepherd Puppy Won’t Stop Biting: 5 Potential Ways to Stop It

My German Shepherd Puppy Won’t Stop Biting

  Nipping can lead to negative consequences for you, your GSD (German Shepherd Dog) and the wider public + other dogs. It is completely normal for German Shepherd puppies to gently mouth you, and the objects around the house. But, if this behavior isn’t managed from a young age, an adolescent and/or adult dog can cause … Read more

Why Does My German Shepherd Eat His Or Her Poop?

Why Does My German Shepherd Eat His Poop?

  At the same time you start thinking: “Why Does My German Shepherd Eat His or Her Poop?”, you’re probably thinking about all the places your GSD sticks their mouth and tongue afterwards. It’s not a pleasant habit, and it’s certainly not sanitary. Safe to say….It’s something that needs fixing, and quick! We’ve put together … Read more