Alcohol Dog Toys: Beer, Wine & Champagne Themed Toys For Dogs


We’ve already written about the best overall dog toys.

But, happen to think alcohol themed dog toys specifically are hilarious.

There’s not many funnier things than seeing your dog carry a bottle of bourbon around the house – especially innocent or small dogs.

That’s why we’ve put together this list – rounding up the best champagne dog toy, beer dog toy, and wine dog toy options.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got!


Alcohol Dog Toys: Beer, Wine & Champagne Themed Toys For Dogs

Our top rated list of alcohol themed dog toys are:


Mutt & Chandog Imperial Champagne Dog Toy

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Time to crack out the champagne!

This champagne designer toy is a 10 inch long champagne bottle plush toy, complete with a squeaker.

Seeing a dog carry around a bottle of champagne is hilarious, especially with other alcohol type dog toys around.

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Groobert Red Wine Bottle Dog Toy

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A drop of red never went astray.

Although this is a ‘Groobert’ red wine bottle, there are also other options such as Crispaw, Kennel Relaxin and Meow Chased.

It is a squeaky dog toy that is fun for dogs of all sizes and made of vinyl.

The size of the toy is comparable to a 12 oz. bottle.

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Bad Daniels Liquor Bottle Squeaker Toy

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Onto the harder stuff. Bourbon and spirits!

A parody of the Jack Daniels brand, this toy is good for dogs of all sizes and is the size of a 12 ounce bottle as well.

Made of rubber and comes with a squeaker. 

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Dogs Equis Plush Beer Bottle Dog Toy

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Now we start with the beer.

A green beer bottle in soft plush with a squeaker – about 10 inches in size.

People often buy the taco and pizza slice dog toys with this beer bottle, as they go together quite well.

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Grrrona Mexican Beer Dog Toy

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A plush soft squeaker pet toy beer bottle – a creative off take of a Caron beer bottle.

Features Grrrona Mexican Beer label on the front and a lime wedge out the top of the bottle

Choose Small or Large size – small measures approx. 5 inches high, Large measures approx. 8 inches high

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Blue Cats Trippin Beer Dog Toy

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A squeaky beer bottle dog toy. Comes in many different parody beer bottles such as:

Barks, Blue Cate Trippin, Cataroma, Deers Bite, Dos Perros, Drools, Hamster Lite, Heini Sniffn, Killer Bite, Likate, Mountain Drool, PawsChitnGo, Pissness and SmellaRCrotch.

Good for dogs of all sizes, being about the size of a 12 oz. bottle.

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Muttgarita Plush Dog Toy

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And let’s finish it off with something classy – a ‘Muttgarita’.

A beautifully colored dog toy with green liquid, white salt and a little lemon slice on the side.

This muttgarita is about 6 inches tall, contains a squeaker and is made of soft plush.

Very easy to wash in the washing machine.

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FAQ Guide On Dog Toys

For more information on the different types of dog toys, and considerations when buying dog toys, you can read this guide.



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