Raising German Shepherd Puppies: Guide From Buying To Owning



Are you thinking of buying, adopting or bringing German Shepherd Puppies into your house or family?

We’ve already written the Ultimate Guide To German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies at the Daily Shep.

But, the guide below will run you through German Shepherd Puppies in particular (as opposed to adult dogs), from the decision to buying or rescuing your puppy (we’ve including a buying checklist), to owning a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) puppy, and having them in your house.

NOTE: always see an animal professional before making any decisions with buying puppies, or with your own pet.


Raising German Shepherd Puppies: Guide From Buying To Owning

The most important things to consider when making the decision to buy or adopt a german shepherd puppy, and eventually bring it into your life are:

  • Research the German Shepherd Breed to know what you are dealing with – read the Ultimate Guide above for a run down!
  • Find the best breeders, rescuers and adoption centers near you – which you can find below.
  • Put time into your German Shepherd pup daily – we explained how below.

We have compiled a 15 Point Pre-Buying Checklist and information for buying or adopting your GSD puppy, and how to raise the best GSD including obedience/training, potty training, sleeping habits and more!


Buying German Shepherd Puppies

15 Point German Shepherd Puppies Pre-Buying (From Breeders) and Adoption/Rescue Checklist

1) What TYPE of german shepherd puppy do you need- it may be different to the GSD you want. Research what is the best one for you before you buy:

  • There are two main types – working/high drive GSDs, and show/more relaxed GSD. Working and high drive suit those more with active lifestyles, whilst show line dogs are better for families.
  • From there, there are different lines which fit into these categories, which you can read about in our Ultimate GSD Guide.
  • There are different colors. Black and Tan, Black, White, Liver, Blue, Brindle, Sable. We’ve written about these colors at The Daily Shep. There are also different color patterns which effect whether the puppy is solid white or black for example, or a mix of colors on their coat.
  • There are different German Shepherd mix puppies like the Golden Shepherd puppies which which are popular (Golden Shepherd x German Shepherd mix). Read about Mix and Hybrid German Shepherd Puppies.

2) Do you want to buy from a breeder, or a rescue/rehoming shelter?

3) If buying from a breeder, you don’t want a GSD any younger than 8 weeks, and your breeder shouldn’t let you have it before this time.

4) Is your breeder or adoption centre registered with an official dog or German Shepherd organization? How long have they been breeding for? What rules, regulations, requirements and documentation do they have in place for themselves and their buyers?

A good breeder puts as much time into finding the right buyer (sometimes more!) than actually making money from selling their GSD puppies.

5) Is the puppy registered with your local council or area and any organisations?

6) Does the puppy have the right identification – ID tag, and microchip?

7) Is the puppy vaccinated and dewormed? Immunisations are critical in 4 week and 8 week old German Shepherd puppies .

8) Look at the puppy’s parents – are they in good health?

9) Look at the rest of the litter – are they in good health?

10) How does your puppy socialize with other dogs and humans?

11) Ask the breeder or adoption centre whether the pup is house trained, or obedience trained.

12) Ask for a general vet certificate for the health of the German Shepherd puppy.

13) Ask for two types of guarantees (you want multiple year guarantees for both) from your breeder or rescue organisation:

  • hip/elbow dysplasia guarantee
  • congenital health guarantee

14) What is the price of the GSD puppy you want?

You should be looking at paying $300-$2500 depending on whether it’s a purebred German Shepherd puppy, full breed German Shepherd puppy, what lines its from, its color and various other factors like whether its an elite show or work dog.

Generally you can pick up a GSD puppy from a rescue centre for free, or cheap between $50-$250.

15) What name do you want for your German Shepherd baby? Check out our German Shepherd Male and Female Puppies Names at TheDailyShep.com


German Shepherd Puppies For Sale – Where To Buy From Breeders?

The best place to find quality German Shepherd puppies for sale from trusted and reputable breeders is from the referred list of your country’s dog organization or German Shepherd Club. 

For America for example, the AKC has a marketplace of best and trusted breeders.

You can find many different types of GSDs near you including but not limited to:

  • Giant German Shepherd puppies for sale 
  • Small german shepherd puppies 
  • Female and male german shepherd puppies
  • Breeders in different states including NJ, California and many more
  • White and black german shepherd puppies – including solid black and solid white puppies
  • Long haired and short haired german shepherd puppies


German Shepherd Puppies Rescue or Kennel – Where To Go For Adoption?

Rescues, kennels and adoption centres are great for free and cheap German Shepherd puppies.

They should be treated like a new German Shepherd puppy from a breeder – with respect, care and lots of patience. Many of these dogs aren’t in there because of their fault, but rather their owners couldn’t, or were incapable of caring for them anymore.

Here is a German Shepherd Puppy Rescue and Adoption List for the US State by State. Find a German Shepherd puppy locally or near you!


German Shepherd Puppies Price

As we mentioned above in the checklist, you are looking at $300-$2500. It really depends on:

  • Type Of German Shepherd – Purebred/fullbreed, Color, Line, Coat, Mix
  • Health checks – vaccinations, certificates and guarantees etc.
  • Reputation of the breeders
  • Whether it has elite working or show dog genetics
  • Morals of the breeder


Importing, or Finding Local GSD Puppies?

There are risks with German Shepherd Plane Travel and Taking Big Dogs on Planes, so read this article when considering importing or flying a German Shepherd Puppy to you. Always go local or drive to get your GSD where possible. 


Selling German Shepherd Puppies

Are you a breeder or prospective breeder? Get in touch with your country’s official dog association or german shepherd club, register with them, and find out their registration process.


Owning German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies Training and Obedience – How Long Does It Take to Train German Shepherd Puppies?

Teach German Shepherd puppies the basics – sit, stay, come, sit, drop. Puppy school helps with a well rounded and trained dog. You should also look to teach German Shepherds on leash training, and off leash training.  

In terms of how long it takes to train a GSD puppy, it depends how much time you put into, the GSD’s learning ability, and how good of a leader and trainer you are.

Basic training can be completed in a few weeks. More advanced training like German Shepherd Heeling Training and routines might take a few months.

Its important to note you have to be a leader and have rules and discipline in place every day, otherwise your GSD will start bending the rules. Even 6 month and 1 year old german shepherds need your guidance.

Read more about the Top 10 Tips and Advice for Training a German Shepherd Puppy.

To eliminate other other unwanted behaviors, read these articles – 


German Shepherd Potty Training and Housebreaking – How Long Does It Take To House Train A German Shepherd Puppy?

First things first, read The Daily Shep’s article on Potty Training German Shepherd Puppies.

Some puppys potty trained by the breeder or before they arrive at a rescue, so 4-8 weeks from when you welcome them to the house is not without question for potty training your own GSD puppy.

Be positive and patient when potty traning – dont shout at or make your German Shepherd pup feel bad about relieving themselves.

A German Shepherd Puppy Crate can be helpful while you are housetraining your GSD puppy as a management tool at night time.

They are also great if you ever have to transport your GSD, isolate them from new pets temporarily, or take them on a plane:


German Shepherd Puppies Food and Equipment

A GSD puppy needs 4oz/115ml of water every 2 hours. Read about German Shepherd Puppy Drinking Water requirements.

Generally a puppy of 10 lb to 30 lb (4.5kg to 14 kg) you will feed 1-2 cups of food daily (100 g to 200 g) and 3 to 4 times a day (once in the morning and once at night, twice during the day). Read more about The Best Wet and Dry Food for German Shepherd Puppies.

If you notice your GSD puppy getting skinny and won’t eat – read this article.

Absolute essential equipment for German Shepherd pups in giving them their half hour-hour of physical exercise daily are a leash, harness, collar:

Toys and bones are good for mental stimulation (bones help keep the teeth clean), and treats are good for training as rewards in addition to your attention and praise.

It is wise when you get your German Shepherd puppy, to start it on flea prevention and control. Read more about the Best Flea Treatment and Control for German Shepherd Puppies.


How Long Can German Shepherd Puppies Be Left Alone?

Read TheDailyShep.com article about German Shepherd Puppy Anxiety and Separation Anxiety.

But, generally you don’t want to be leaving your GSD by itself for any longer than 3-4 hours. If you go to work and that time becomes 7-8 hours, make sure they have plenty to do in the way of mental stimulation – bones, toys etc. A German Shepherd Doggy Door may even be an option.

Take them for morning and evening walks if possible for physical exercise and socialization.


How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep? Can A German Shepherd Puppy Sleep Outside?

German Shepherds are large dogs and spend very little time in deep sleep. It depends on the dog and how much your exercise them, but they don’t have regular sleeping patterns – they can sleep up to 18 hours a day off and on.

A comfortable bed is a must – especially if they develop joint problems (orthopedic beds are best), or you need a mattress type bed for a dog crate for example. 

Here is a 10 Step Guide to Choosing The Best Dog Bed For German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherds can sleep outside, but it is best you keep them inside until at least 12 weeks old.

The long haired versions especially can sleep outside, but make sure you provide them with a waterproof and insulated kennel along with plenty of water.

Very hot and very warm climates you should check with your vet to see what temperatures are safe for your GSD to spend long periods outside.


Pictures and Photos of German Shepherd Puppies

View pictures and photos of German shepherd Puppies playing here.


Videos Of German Shepherd Puppies

View cute videos of German Shepherd Puppies here.


German Shepherd Websites and Further Information On German Shepherd Puppies


There is a lot that goes into owning a German Shepherd – much more than we could cover in this guide, but at least we hope this Buyer and Owner Guide provided you with some useful information!


Disclaimer: TheDailyShep.com are not veterinarians, or animal professionals/experts. Information provided is for informational purposes only, and is based on either our own reading or own experiences, as a means of free speech. By consuming this information, you accept that we do not have client or patient relationship with you. Please consult your own veterinarian, animal expert, or health care professional before taking any action on anything you read from TheDailyShep.com

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